8A31DTM, Deka Intimidator Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Brand: Deka East Penn Manufacturing
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Deka 8A31DTM 12 Volt 800 CCA/1000 MCA AGM Battery (Gr 31)

Intimidator AGM Batteries

The Intimidator AGM battery series delivers highly efficient energy storage and power delivery solutions for the evolution of your battery needs.


  • Delivers 2x the cycle life of flooded designs
  • 20x more vibration resistant* for wave-pounding protection
  • Safer install and transport with no-spill design to prevent acid leaks
  • Absorbed Glass Mat technology
  • High freeze-resistance provides better all-weather performance
  • Better capacity protection during periods of infrequent use
  • Faster, more efficient recharging and higher cold temperature performance
Product Dimensions
Length (inches) 12.94
Width (inches) 6.75
Height (inches) 9.38
Weight (Lbs) 69
Power Rating
Voltage 12
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) @ 0°F 800
Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) @ 32°F 1000
Reserve Capacity Minutes @ 25A 210
Amp Hours (20 Hr Rate) 105
BCI Group Size 31
Manufacturers Part Number 8A31DTM
Battery Type Sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)-Deep Cycle
Terminal Type M, Top Post & Stud (5/16P 5/16N)
Core Unit Value 1.5
Manufacturer Warranty
Free Replacement Period 12 Months

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