EV305-360A-AM, 6 Volt Vision Electric Vehicle AGM Battery

Brand: Vision
Categories: Floor Machine  Scissor Lift  Vision Battery 
Product Code: EV305-360A-AM
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360 AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery (AM)http://www.labatteries.com/image//data/Logos/vision%20logo.jpg

Product Standards

Vision EV Series Dry Cell Batteries provide superior performance, capacities and reliability. Using state of art dry cell technology the EV series is designed for environmentally sensitive areas that require enhanced cycle life capabilities in commercial, industrial, residential, and private applications. The maintenance-free (VRLA) construction and advanced design features makes the EV Series the definitive choice for a wide variety of applications.

General Features

  • Environmental friendly
  • α-EV technology
  • Computer –aided 99.99% pure heavy-duty lead calcium grid design
  • Anchored plate groups to guard against vibration
  • Tank formed plates for evenly formed and capacity matched plates
  • Wide operating temperatures (-40° to 60°)
  • Industry leading size and performance options
  • Double insulating Micro porous glass fiber separators
  • Flame arresting pressure regulated safety sealing valves for safety
  • Low self discharge rates (1-3%/month)
  • Multi-terminal options
  • Removable carry handles
  • Classified as "Non-Spillable Battery" for transport
  • Complies with DOT HMR49, Non-Hazardous Material


Product Dimensions
Length (inches) 11.61
Width (inches) 7.09
Height (inches) 14.49
Weight (Lbs) 106.20
Power Rating
Voltage 6
Amp Hours (5 Hr Rate) 320
Amp Hours (10 Hr Rate) 350
Amp Hours (20 Hr Rate) 360
BCI Group Size 305
Manufacturers Part Number EV-305-360A-AM
Battery Type Sealed AGM Deep Cycle
Terminal Type AM
Core Unit Value 3.0
Manufacturer Warranty
Free Replacement Period 12 Month


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