MS4000, EZRED Automotive Memory Saver

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EZRED MS4000 Automotive Memory Saver

* Now with built in charger !

E-Z Red Automotive Memory Saver is self contained unit requiring no other equipment and is protected by a 4 amp circuit breaker. It has a direct wired OBD2 connector and has a 12 Volt, 4.5 amp/hour sealed lead acid battery as well as LED that indicates connection to battery circuit. It also LED indicates connection to battery circuit that saves all drivability codes and settings.

  • Direct wired OBDII Connector plug directly into the vehicles OBDII Port
  • 12 volt, 4.5 amp hour sealed lead acid battery included inside unit
  • Power on / power off switch
  • Green LED indicates connection to circuit
  • Amber LED indicates when the internal battery is 11.6 volts or lower and requires charging soon
  • Protected by a 4 amp circuit breaker
  • Saves all drive-ability codes and settings when disconnecting/changing a vehicle’s starter battery
  • Also protects settings and codes for:  Anti-theft radios • Clocks • Keyless entry systems • Alarms • Cellular phone settings • GPS Memory • TPMS • Other memory related functions

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