SS-210A, 12/24V Schumacher 10/20A Automatic Ship 'N Shore On-Board Dual Bank Charger

Brand: Schumacher Electric
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Schumacher SS-210A 10/20A 12/24V Automatic Ship 'N Shore On-Board Dual Bank Charger

This Dual Bank Ship ’N Shore model is the perfect answer for multiple marine capabilities. With two sets of output cords, this unit can charge 2 separate 12 volt batteries at the same time at a “true” 10 amp charge rate or a single 12 volt battery at a “true” 20 amp charge rate. Ignition protected, non-sparking, battery connection leads make it safe to recharge, even on board

  • Microprocessor Controlled, Fully Automatic, Multi-Stage Charging System with Float-Mode Monitoring – Charges and then maintains the battery when fully charged. Resumes continuous charging when battery becomes discharged
  • TRUE 10 amp Charge – for a single 12 volt battery or two 12 volt batteries in a two-battery, 24 volt system
  • TRUE 20 amp Charge – for single 12 volt battery
  • Dedicated Microprocessor – for each independently controlled bank
  • Electrically Independent Outputs – handle 12 or 24 volt systems

Typical Charge Times 

*Based on a battery 50% charged

12V @ 10 Amps 3-5 hours
12V @ 20 Amps 1.5-3 hours
24V @ 10 Amps 4-6 hours


Charger Specifications
Charger Type Fully Automatic Microprocessor Controlled, Deep Cycle
Output Voltage 12VDC
Input Voltage 120VAC
Output Current 10A
Works with battery types Marine, RV, Deep Cycle
Product Dimensions
Dimensions Inches (LxWxH) 11.28 x 9.5 x 5.20
Manufacturer Warranty
Free Replacement Period 24 Month

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