SP1, 6/12V Schumacher Battery Extender Charger / Maintainer

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Schumacher PowerSports Extreme Battery Extender Charger / Maintainer 6/12 Volt 2AChargers

Fully Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Unique automatic battery charger maintains both 6 and 12 volt batteries keeping them at full charge using float-mode monitoring. Perfect for charging small batteries. Great for maintaining small and large batteries kept in storage – motorcycles, classic cars, RVs, boats.

Ideal for Motorcycle Maintenance and Storage

  • 2 amp charger and maintainer
  •  LEDs indicate: Charging, Charged and Power

The 2-amp charger and maintainer automatically switches from Full Charge to Float-Mode monitoring. While the SP1 is great for charging nearly all battery types, it's especially ideal for maintaining the charge on winterized or stored motorcycles. Use the 50 amp clamps, 12 volt accessory plug, or permanently attach the ring connectors--great for hard-to-reach motorcycle batteries.

Fully Automatic Operation
  • Automatically switches from Full Charge to Float-Mode Monitoring

The SP1 automatically switches from Continuous Charge to Float-Mode Monitoring, which allows the charger to maintain the battery when fully charged. The SP1 resumes continuous charging when the battery becomes discharged.

Auto Voltage Detection
  • Auto Voltage Detection – the charger automatically determines whether the connected battery is a 6 Volt battery or a 12 Volt battery.

The SP1's Auto Voltage Detection automatically selects battery voltage (6V or 12V) and charges properly depending on the type of battery connected.

LED Indicators

LED lights on the SP1 indicate the connected battery's status, including Power, Charging Battery, and Battery Charged.

Reverse Hookup Protection
  •   Reverse-hookup protection

Reverse hookup protection safeguards car battery, computer, and other Instant Power uses from damage if the cables are connected to the wrong terminals. The charger will cease to operate when clamps are reversed or touched together.

  • Schumacher SP1 2-Amp Battery Charger/Maintainer
  • DC adapter
  • Clamp adapter
  • 24" fused ring leads
  • Harness with weather cap
  • Manual
  • Warranty
Charger Specifications
Charger Type Fully Automatic Electronic
Output Voltage 6VDC 12VDC
Input Voltage 120VAC
Output Current 2A
Works with battery types Maintains 12V Auto, Deep Cycle, AGM, Gel-Cell, and Heavy Duty Batteries
Accessory Detachable Battery Clips, Detachable Ring Lugs, Auxiliary Plug Adapter
Product Dimensions
Dimensions Inches (LxWxH) 6.25 x 3.25 x 2.75
Manufacturer Warranty
Free Replacement Period 60 Month

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